How to get to Hamarøy

No matter if you travel by car, bus or boat the journey will make a memory for life!

By car

The Hamsun Centre is located in Presteid in the municipality of Hamarøy, 1 km from the municipal centre Oppeid and 15 km from E6 at Ulvsvåg. Take RV 81 towards Skutvik and drive for 15 minutes. The exit to the Knut Hamsun Centre is signposted.

The distance from Bodø is approximately 220 km, from Narvik approximately 120 km (ferry between Skarberget and Bognes).

Alternatively you can take the ferry from Svolvær in Lofoten. This ferry calls on Skutvik in Hamarøy once daily during winter and more often during summer.

Ferry timetable Skarberget-Bognes-Skarberget

Ferry timetable Lødingen-Bognes-Lødingen

Ferry timetable Svolvær-Skutvik-Svolvær

By bus

Buses go daily to and from Bodø and Narvik. A corresponding local bus will take you from Ulvsvåg to Presteid, Oppeid and Skutvik.

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By boat

The express boat Bodø-Svolvær-Bodø calls on Skutvik in Hamarøy once every day. Corresponding bus from Skutvik to Oppeid, Presteid and Ulvsvåg on weekdays.

Express boat timetable Bodø-Svolvær-Bodø

By train

One day train and one night train goes every day between Trondheim and Bodø. Leave the train at Fauske station, where a corresponding bus (Bodø-Narvik-Bodø) will be waiting.


By plane

The closest airports are Bodø airport and Harstad/Narvik airport Evenes. Bodø airport is just a five minute drive from Bodø town centre,  Evenes is located 79 km north of Narvik.