Art in the Hamsun Centre

Artists Jana Winderen and Erle Stenberg/Elin T. Sørensen were commissioned to create permanent art works to feature on the second floor of the Knut Hamsun Centre. Jana Winderen has developed a sound installation for the outdoor balcony, the “open violin case” balcony, while Erle Stenberg/Elin T. Sørensen have created a functional and aesthetic comprehensive solution for the library.

2017-04-2012:09 Marianne Gjelseth

Jana Winderen: Sound installation “6 hours and 12 minutes”

Jana Winderen (born 1965 in Bodø) specialises in sound recordings from sound landscapes that are normally impossible for us to hear, such as under the ice in Greenland, from the fish in the Barents Sea and along the Norwegian coast or the sounds of bats and insects. She presents these sound recordings in sound installations, concerts and publications.

The artist has made the sound recordings using hydrophones and parabolic microphones in and beside the Glimma River during different seasons. Amongst other sounds, visitors can hear fish, sea urchins, snails, insects and melting ice. The sound compositions change according to the season. The sound from the Glimma River also changes in relation to the tide and characterises the sound picture near the Knut Hamsun Centre.

Audio software and installation consultancy: Tony Myatt and Oliver Larkin, Music Research Centre, University of York, UK.


Erle Stenberg/Elin T. Sørensen: The Knut Hamsun Centre’s library

Erle Stenberg (born 1970 in Trondheim) and Elin T. Sørensen (born 1970 in Drøbak) started their working partnership Stenberg/Sørensen in 2006. They explore the connections between aesthetics, functionality and environment-related angles.

The artists have used the library as a place and situation and have explored the body’s need for standstill. The art project incorporates the room’s functional aspects in a dynamic way. All the elements from the shelves to the seats form part of the connection. Visitors will experience an innovative library room where art and function are interwoven.

The library-related functions were installed in spring 2010. The artists are now working on objects for various sitting and resting requirements, which will be completed in spring 2011.


The Art Committee comprises:

Anne Karin Jortveit, Art consultant (KORO)
Kristoffer Dolmen (Nordland County Council, chairperson)
Bodil Børset (Director of the Knut Hamsun Centre)
Erik Langdalen, LY Arkitekter AS (representative for Steven Holl Architects)

The Nordland County Council have received funding for these projects from Public Art Norway (KORO).

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Jana Winderen
Jana Winderen
Jana Winderen
Jana Winderen
Jana Winderen