«So many, many things can happen in this world …»

«... he had no equal when it came to writing the juiciest headlines.»

2017-04-2611:14 Viktor Håkonsen

Editor Lynge (1893) deals with the political situation in Norway from the time of the split in the party Venstre (Left) in 1888 to the spring of 1893.

The main character, Alexander Lynge, is the editor of the radical Venstre newspaper The Gazette. Ruthless in pursuit of increased circulation and prestige for his paper he betrays the trust of young Ihlen. Lynge’s rival is Høibro. He embezzles money, motivated by his love for Ihlen’s sister Charlotte. The character of Alexander Lynge is based on Olaf Thommesen, the famous editor of the newspaper Verdens Gang.

The novel belongs in Naturalism’s long tradition of novels about journalists, of which Strindberg’s The Red Room (1879) is perhaps the best known example. The book aroused a good deal of sensational attention and was the first of Hamsun’s novels to be reprinted.

Front cover, first edition of Redaktør Lynge (Editor Lynge). Photo: Wikimedia.