«KARENO (sits at his desk. He is 50, clean-shaven, his hair is almost white and he is dressed in worn grey clothes): The future of my philosophy, you ask? It’s debateable whether it has any future at all. BONDESEN (56 , stout, wearing a pince-nez, rather shabbily dressed, seated): Well you’ve already got your own party.KARENO: I’m chairman of an association, that’s all. Even today people still suppose philosophy is thinking; my view is that philosophy is the theoretical expression of live in the form of thought.»

2017-04-2613:00 Viktor Håkonsen

Evening Glow (1898) is a drama in three Acts, and the conclusion of the Kareno trilogy.

Ivar Kareno is now 50 and his ideas have won the support of the younger generation. Elina has come back to him. Bondesen is the editor of a fairly important newspaper, and offers to help Kareno to a seat in the Parliament if he will openly distance himself from his former ideas. Driven by the desire to take revenge on his former friend, Professor Jerven, who has long opposed him, Kareno decides to follow Bondesen’s advice.

Thus ends the Kareno trilogy; Ivar Kareno, who as a younger man wanted to see ’every renegade shot’, now betrays the principles and his ideals of his youth.

Front cover, first edition of Aftenrøde (Evening Glow). Photo: The Hamsun Centre.