«KARENO (heard from the right): I was thinking here (appears on the path and clambers onto the rock. He is 39 years old and his hair is completely grey). Somewhere here, I was thinking. HR. OTERMAN (emerges behind him, stout, about 60, jovial): Here, right (clambers onto the rock and looks round). Mmhm. Yes, as I said, you build your little place here. I’ll let you have all the ground you need.»

2017-04-2612:55 Viktor Håkonsen

By the time of The Game of Life (1896), Kareno is ten years older. He remains deeply involved in his philosophical studies and is now working as a tutor at the house of a Herr Oterman, in Nordland.

He has a round tower built and continues his studies there, but the tower burns down one night and Oterman’s two sons die. Oterman’s daughter, Teresita, who is in a relationship with Kareno, is responsible for the fire. She herself dies when shot by the blind soothsayer, Ty. Kareno’s wife, Elina, comes back to him almost immediately after this.

Front cover, first edition of Livets Spil (The Game of Life). Photo: The Hamsun Centre.