Café Sult

We would like to invite you to experience tastes and smells from the North.

2017-04-2508:47 Nordis Seel Tennes

Welcome to Hamsunsenterets Café Sult! 

Everything is homemade, based on local product, with a leg in tradition and a leg in the present.

We have porridge of oats and barley, waffles with oats, goat cheese, kidney berries. We have smoked fish and bacon ham. Delicious cakes and good drinks. 

For booking and reservations, please contact Alfred Liabäck.

Group menu:

For groups over 10 persons we can offer both cold & hot, sweet & salty.

Here is our selections: 

Coffee / tea & Toras Northern Norwegian cookies: 65 NOK

Coffee / tea and the cake of the day with ice cream: 85 NOK   

Oat Waffels

With lingonberries, brown goat cheese and sourcream: 69 NOK

With smoked local fish, dill cream and spring onions: 89 NOK


Made with oats and barley

With lingonberries, cream, brown goat cheese and roasted almonds. Served with holemilk.....89 NOK

With apple, cinnamon, dates, roasted almonds. Served with holemilk: 95 NOK 

With salt and dried ham, sour cream, syrup, roasted almonds: 129 NOK

Other meals

Fish cake with bread: fish cake from Lofoten and bread from Kringla bakery in Svolvær. coleslaw, dill cream and pickled onion: 149 NOK

Bacalao with olives and Parsley Salad, Dried cod with Tomato, Olive Oil, Onion and Potato: 199 NOK

We also have local beers that are excellent for the menus. Just tell us!